Which of These Four Dating Myths Are Stopping You Finding Love?

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However much you want to find love, if you believe some of the most common dating myths then these could be holding you back. Here are the four dating myths which could be preventing you from finding love.

Myth 1) If you don’t fall for each other on the first date, it’s not going to work out

A first date can be enlightening and of course can reveal certain ‘deal breakers’. If you want totally different things out of life or are utterly repulsed by one or more things about your dating partner, it could well be better not to meet up with them for a second time.

However, if you simply aren’t sure or are not strongly attracted to the person you are dating straight away, this is the type of thing which can build over time. It could be a good idea to meet again and see if attraction builds over time. The strongest bonds of all often build up gradually.

Myth 2) Ignore everyone else’s opinions about your date, what you think about them is all that matters.

Sometimes a personality clash can lead to your date not getting along with one of your friends or relatives. However, when a number of people close to you tell you there is something wrong with the person you are dating, it is time to listen to their concerns.

It can be hard to be objective when you are dating someone as attraction or pride can override straightforward logic, so it is sometimes very valuable to listen to your friends and family.

Myth 3) Love is all that matters

It is a myth populated by romcoms and Disney that as long as two people are in love they can overcome any problems that arise between them. If two people are looking for completely different things out of life, there will be issues and the relationship may not be fulfilling, despite a strong bond.

Many people go as far as marriage without talking through even the most basic issues of being together, such as whether or not to have children. Others are aware of differences but think they won’t matter. This is usually a mistake – it’s important to work out discrepancies before committing as these are bound to come up again and again until they are resolved.

Myth 4) The longer a person has been dating, the more of an expert they are

If a person has been dating for years and years, they will be experienced at dating, but not necessarily an expert at getting what they want. If the purpose has been to find love than a long dating history only shows that there is something getting in the way of them finding a long-term relationship.

For some people, dating for a long time can leave them with a narrower and narrower view of what they are looking for in a partner. With more and more criteria the dating process can stretch on forever as they may end up searching for something which doesn’t really exist – the truth is that nobody is perfect.

Others may be making the same dating mistakes over and over again through habit. If you have been dating for years without finding ‘someone special’, it’s a good idea to take a look at whether that is because of your approach to dating, rather than the being that your dating partners haven’t been up to scratch.

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Dating Tips: Three Ultimate First Date Questions

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Sometimes you can walk away from a first date without really finding much out about the person you’re dating. If you ask these three key questions, though, you’ll learn plenty.

What do you do in your spare time?

If you’re dating someone who has lots of interests outside work, they will love to talk about their hobbies.

This is also a great way to find out if you have a lot in common with the person you are dating. It’s important to find this out because shared interests can often make or break a relationship.

For example, if your main interest is in extreme sports but they mainly read novels in their spare time and have not participated in any sport since the age of 13, you may find this difference causes problems further down the line.

On the other hand, opposites can attract – you could find your differences bind you together – it’s best to stay relatively open-minded for the time being.

What job do you do?

While it can be better not to dwell on this one – work talk can be dreary when you are dating – it is nevertheless a major part of all employed people’s lives and something which will show you to some extent what kind of person they are.

While area of employment is not necessarily the main indicator of a person’s identity and personality, you should be able to get an idea of you dating partner’s strengths by asking this question.

If you feel they are open to discussion, delve a little deeper. Ask where they would like to be in five year’s time and this will show whether they are an ambitious type. An ambitious person will be aiming high in their work.

Some people are only working in their current profession because they were convinced to do so by parents or by necessity. For these people, you might find there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Ask the person you are dating what job they would do if they could choose anything and you will be able to find out a bit more about their character and personality. If they work as an accountant but would like to be an artist, for example, this shows they have an interest in aesthetics and a creative side – a fact which may not be apparent if you only knew what they currently did for work.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

While brothers and sisters aren’t necessarily an important factor as far as dating conversation goes, the interesting thing about this question is that it gives the person you are dating an opportunity to talk about their family.

For some people, for example those who have endured a difficult childhood, this could be a tough subject, but on the whole people tend to be pleased to talk about their family.

This will also give you an idea of what has shaped them into the person they are. A tough upbringing may have bred resilience into your dating partner, for example, so finding out about their family will give an insight into them as a person.

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First Date Ideas – Top 5 Ways to Have a More Memorable First Date

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If you always go to the same places for first dates, searching for your one true love can start to feel a bit monotonous and, if you’re getting a bit fed up with the same old scenery, that can come across as indifference to the person you are dating.

While the usual options of coffee shops, bars and restaurants are all perfectly good places to strike up a conversation, if you are looking for a relationship which challenges and excites you, the dating scenario should reflect this. Here are five inspired dating ideas which should bring out the best in both of you.

Ice skating

If your date is a talented skater, you’ll give them a chance to show off their skills and impress you. If they’re a beginner, they may have to cling onto you for support. Either way, this date’s a winner. Ice skating is romantic and graceful (or should be), and you’ll probably share a few laughs with this dating option. Plus, there’s something so romantic about getting down on one knee for a woman and tying up her skate laces!


Musicals are uplifting by nature, and should put the two of you in a good mood. You have just enough time to chat during the interval without there being any opportunity for awkward silences and, if it’s terrible, you’ll have something funny to talk about later on or the next time you meet. In any case, this is a fun, light-hearted dating choice which provides an ideal talking point.

Art Gallery

In one of the most memorable dating moments in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw meets famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky at an art gallery at midnight. While meeting at midnight may not exactly be practical, the fact remains that art is often a channel to passion, creativity and romance and a visit to a good gallery could help the two of you open up to each other on a first date. You can learn a lot about a person by their responses to works of art.


Fairgrounds are noisy, bright environments which are ideal for dating. You can take your date for a ride and enjoy some forgotten childhood pleasures like candyfloss, toffee apples and helter skelters to get you both into a playful and convivial mood. Heightened emotions on more scary fairground rides can help develop that spark which all good couples thrive on, though if your first date is anything to go by, your relationship could be a bit of a rollercoaster!


Anyone who lives near to the sea or a large body of water of some kind will probably have access to a sailing or boating club. An ideal dating experience on a calm summer’s day, a boat trip will provide a unique atmosphere to build up a rapport with your date, and perhaps also give you a chance to learn something new together, which is an excellent way to get to know someone. It might be a good idea to bring a spare set of dry clothes though, just in case!

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How to Match the Right Dating Location With Your Special Date

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Sometimes, even a really great dating venue just isn’t good enough if it doesn’t fit with your date’s personality. Here are some top tips for matching your love interest with their ideal first date in the Capital.

Personality Type: Friendly

Ideal Dating Location: Brick Lane

Packed with chattering media, fashion and art student types of all ages, along with the kinds of shops, bars and restaurants to keep them all happy, Brick Lane is a brilliant dating site for people who like people. And who like curries.

Personality Type: Analytical

Ideal Dating Location: Science Museum

The Science Museum will be sure to excite the kind of date who has an enquiring mind. The endlessly compelling Science, Natural History and Victoria & Albert Museums all inhabit the same triangle of land, just follow the signs from South Kensington tube station (just try not to clash with the school holidays).

Personality Type: Funny (ha-ha)

Ideal Dating Location: The Comedy Store

Arguably the best comedy venue in the UK, London’s Comedy Store may be a little pricier than other comedy venues, but it’s the one place that is sure to deliver, night after night – try one of their stunning improvisation shows, but be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Personality Type: Musical

Ideal Dating Location: Priscilla

As I write, the fabulous Priscilla (with Jason Donavan) is the hottest musical in town, but take your tuneful date to any of the musical or theatrical productions in London’s West End and they are sure to be delighted and enthralled.

Personality Type: Quirky

Ideal Dating Location: London Dungeon

It might not seem the most obvious starting point for romance, but think about it, if your date is frightened, they’ll probably want to cling to you for reassurance. This is definitely one of the more quirky dating options in London.

Personality Type: Creative

Ideal Dating Location: Tate Modern

If you have found yourself a creative date, they will love a visit to this South Bank landmark. Along with rooms and rooms of iconic artworks you can see for free, there are always interesting exhibitions coming and going, plus major art installations in the Turbine Hall.

Personality Type: Traditional

Ideal Dating Location: Regents Park

For the picture-perfect, traditional romantic dating scene, visit the beautiful Regent’s Park. The Inner Circle is enchanting with its rose garden and open air theatre. There is also a boating lake and of course London Zoo! It’s wonderful on a hot and sunny day.

Personality Type: Open-minded

Ideal Dating Location: O2

If your date is open-minded, they will be able to put the negative connotations of the Dome behind them and happily embrace its newer incarnation. At the O2 in Greenwich there is always plenty going on. Have a shop or a bite to eat in its surreal indoor mall or even attend a major concert in the O2 arena.

Personality Type: Adventurous

Ideal Dating Location: Hampstead Heath

Your adventurous date might just love to go swimming in one of Hampstead Heath’s bathing ponds, which are open to the public for swimming in the summer. If the weather turns a bit sour, however, a stroll around celeb-filled Hampstead Village is also an idyllic dating spot to while away an afternoon.

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Dating Sites – Online Dating Tips For Men

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Online dating is growing in popularity as men and women discover how fun and easy it is to find love online. Here are some dating site tips for men which could make your dating experience even more rewarding.

If you want to increase the number of email response you get, read on for tips about the best ways to update your profile and present yourself online.

First email success

To increase the online dating email to response ratio, aim to make contact with women whose dating site profiles show they have something in common with you on a few different levels. Studies show that couples who last tend to have a lot in common as this makes for a more harmonious partnership.

Write tailored emails

Job hunters will sometimes send out hundreds of applications and then be surprised that nobody has replied. It’s harder to write specially tailored applications to many different jobs and the same goes for online dating.

It’s impossible to properly tailor your messages if you’re emailing hundreds of women, so consider picking a few who you share a reasonable amount of interests with and write something slightly more personal to them so they know you have taken the time to find out a bit about them. You will probably receive a lot more replies this way.

Employ a ‘trial and error’ approach

Switch around your main dating site profile picture to see which one helps you to get the type of responses you are looking for. You might find that an interesting photo which gives a talking point is popular because that will help people think of something they can comment on when they get in touch.

Also, try mixing up your initial emails and your profile description and see which combination generates the most interest. There are an infinite number of things you could say about yourself, as well as ways to approach members of the opposite sex, and trying some different tactics once in a while and it could really pay off in the long run.

Sense of humor

While this doesn’t work for everyone, if you can wow your online dating partners with a genuinely fabulous sense of humor, this will give you a great advantage in terms of generating first email replies. While the first email should always be short and to-the-point, and not every word you utter needs to be a joke, there is still room for a spot of witty banter when you send your messages.

Take a step back

If you’ve been dating online for a while, you might start to find it harder to be objective. As author Salman Rushdie says, the only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame so, to get a little perspective, try taking a short break from dating sites and go back later with a fresh approach. It can be good to analyze your strategy with a second or even third opinion, ideally from unbiased people, who can suggest how your dating strategy might be improved.

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Dating Sites – Online Dating Tips For Women

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Dating sites are brilliant fun and a tried and proven way to find love. Here are some top tips for women to get the most out of online dating.


A good set of photos, and particularly a knockout main photo – is key to online dating success. This is the first thing anyone looks at when scanning a potential dating partner so you should make an effort to get it right if you want a good response to your dating profile.

Be natural

It’s best to keep it real – a spontaneous, natural photo is better all round than a specially organized studio portrait or a picture which is heavily posed for. Studio pictures may be good for posterity but they can seem a bit suspicious on an online dating profile. They could also lead to a bit of an awkward moment when you meet your dating partner in person and don’t look entirely the same as your profile picture!

A picture speaks a thousand words

Along with your main shot you should have a range of extra photos which help to illustrate your interests and hobbies. Bear in mind that people will probably look through these before they get around to reading much of your profile, so if they show you know how to enjoy yourself and have fun then you’re already a step ahead of the crowd.

Get a second opinion

If you ask a few of your male pals to choose their favorites out of your potential dating site pictures, you might be surprised at what they choose, but it’ll give you a good idea as to what men tend to look for in an online dating picture. Their choices might be quite different to those of your trusted female friends but you are trying to attract men – this time it could be an idea to go with their opinions!

Make a move

It may traditionally be a man who makes the first move on a woman, and it’s easy for girls to get into the habit of waiting to be swept off their feet. Online dating tends to be fairly ‘equal opportunities’ when it comes to meeting a dating partner, which means women usually need to be quite proactive in order to find their dream man.

For some people (particularly newcomers), it can be disappointing to send an email and not to receive a reply. However, it is perfectly normal to get less than half the number of responses to the emails you send, so don’t let this get you down – just send some more messages!

Meet your dates face to face

While it can seem easier to continue emailing without meeting your online dating partner, the truth is until you meet them face to face you won’t really get to know them. As soon as you feel comfortable with it, try organizing a short date over coffee.

Keep the first date brief

While there might be sparks flying in your email conversations, the real test of a dating match is whether the chemistry is there in person. If not, there’s really no need to string it out – a boring first date is a slight disappointment. A really long, boring first date can be excruciating! See if there’s a spark the first time you meet and, if so, organize a more full-on date for the second meeting.

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Dating Tips – Do You Make These Classic Dating Mistakes?

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Sometimes, an otherwise pleasurable date can seem to go awry for no apparent reason. Here are the minor slip-ups and mistakes which could be holding you back from dating success.

Looking over your date’s shoulder

Is there something fascinating going on immediately behind your date? Perhaps a waiter slipped dramatically on a banana-skin, or George Clooney is sitting opposite Cameron Diaz and they are both wearing elaborate hats. Let it go. Looking over your date’s shoulder will come across as rude, and the person you are dating will feel offended and think you are not interested in them.

Talking about the ex

Imagine you move into a new house and discover it’s still full of the previous resident’s belongings – a bit of a disappointment and a lot of hard work ahead trying to deal with all that old baggage. This is similar to the feeling a person will get when dating someone who is still preoccupied with thoughts of their ex. Discussions about exes should be kept between friends, your dating partner really doesn’t need to know.

Dirty fingernails

When dating someone new, it’s important to be spotlessly clean. Dirty fingernails would not matter so much among friends or in a long-term relationship, but on a first date they are off-putting as they imply generally poor hygiene and are not very nice to look at over dinner. As with most dating tips, context is important – if your first date happens to be an afternoon of strawberry-picking, dirty fingernails will be less of an issue!

Not listening

Dating can be nerve-wracking, and it often seems like the most important thing is to keep the conversation going and avoid awkward silences, whatever the cost. But trying to come up with something new and brilliant to say while your date is talking is a big mistake. On their side, realising the person they are dating hasn’t really listened to a word they’ve said will be frustrating. Instead, listen carefully to what your date says and make considered responses.


Again a common response to nervousness, constant fiddling or shifting about in your seat will make you appear distracted and restless, which is not a good look when dating. It can be helpful to put your hands on your lap or clasp them together to reduce the urge to fiddle, leaving your date to concentrate on more important things, like what you are saying.

Talking about work

It’s always interesting to know what someone does for a living. However, most jobs are filled with industry-specific jargon and information which is so niche that it doesn’t mean anything to someone outside of the particular area of work. You might have spent all day compiling the ‘WENUS’ (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems), but your dating partner will probably never have heard of such a thing, and the whole subject will be lost on them. Be very wary about talking too much about your job, and try to keep the discussion to areas you both have experience in.

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Dating Guide: The New Rules of Love and Dating

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Should a man hold the door open for his date, and is marriage the proper way to bring up a family? One hundred years ago, most people’s answers would have been fairly predictable – ‘yes’. Today, it’s a bit harder to know what the rules are in love, marriage, dating and romance.

That is, until now. A new study of love and dating across the UK is the closest thing we have to a definitive set of dating rules for what is appropriate and expected in the new world of romantic endeavor in the UK – here are some of the most interesting results.

Marriage: While it may not be the rite of passage it used to be, marriage is still a popular choice among UK singles, with 54% hoping to get married one day.

Relationships: The desire to find a long-term relationship was echoed from singles right across the UK, with 95% looking for long-term love. For most singles, dating is geared towards finding love as opposed to simply a fling.

Chivalry: While the rules on chivalry may have become a lot harder to decipher over recent decades, it seems the majority of men will still opt for the traditional route of chivalry when it comes to dating. A total of 90% will open doors when dating, and 77% would pay for a first date.

Forgiveness: While we may be forgiving or more minor blunders, very few UK residents are willing to forgive an infidelity. Men are slightly more forgiving than women, with 14% willing to forgive a cheating partner, versus just 7% of women.

Children: The majority of singles are keen to have children one day. Perhaps surprisingly, men are more keen than women – 58% of men said ‘yes’, compared to just 50% of women.

Turn Off/On: The main turn off for love and dating is sarcasm, a bug-bear for many in the UK. The main turn on is candlelight. Just watch out for the curtains!

Ideal Man: Tastes change greatly from person to person. However, after all the data was collected, the perfect man according to UK women had blue eyes, dark brown hair and an average build.

Ideal Woman: Again, different men will always find completely different things attractive in a woman. However, overall the favourite combination was found to be blue eyes, blonde hair and an average build.

The study gave an insight into navigating today’s world of love and dating. It showed that most people still hope to marry and have children and that traditional values are still alive and well, particularly when it comes to chivalry.

More importantly, the study proved that, for most people in the UK, finding love is becoming more important as time goes on. Of the 16,000 singles surveyed, 62% said finding love was more important to them now than it was a year ago. This study of love and dating led experts to conclude that there is a shift afoot in modern Britain, with long-term love replacing short-term flings as the ideal type of relationship.

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Ohio Online Dating and Romantic Dating Ideas

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Single in Ohio and trying to find a date? Try an Ohio online dating site for singles, one quick internet search by simply typing in your cities name and keyword searches for example like Cleveland online dating sites, Cleveland dating sites, Cleveland singles, Cleveland dating or Cleveland single women or men and you can be on your way to finding your date! Finding a like minded single can be as easy as search, point and click!

Ohio online dating sites are continuing to grow in popularity by leaps and bounds and so is there matchmaking technology. Search tools have become extremely advanced and are much easier to use. Sites are offering you the choice of either they will determine your “matches” based on your profile and data you input, or, you can select a dating site that you will use their search tools to go through the database. Of course, as the popularity of online personals grow so does the database of singles in the dating sites and this along with the advance matchmaking tools is making online dating easy and exciting. Most of the dating sites are free to join and review your matches, once you are ready to start communicating you will then be required to “upgrade” to a paid subscription.

Now that you have found that date from a popular Ohio singles dating site, next you ask, what is there to do with my date in Ohio? Well, Ohio has many romantic dating ideas that singles can do for a Friday or Saturday night, or maybe a very romantic weekend getaway.

Ohio’s landscape is the perfect romantic setting for single women and men. For starters, you have the shores of Lake Erie that offer a coastal beach feel, which will be perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays, or strolling down the beaches of Lake Erie. Think you might want to try a romantic weekend getaway? Try the Arbor Lights Bed & Breakfast in Lorain which is on the west side of Cleveland.

Arbor Lights is located just minutes from the historic lighthouse in Lorain, or try the Lakeview Beach, Black River Landings, where many concerts and fun filled festivals are held throughout the summer months.

No doubt, the Arbor Lights will offer a very romantic and relaxing alternative to hotels and motels and is situated very close to the lake. Looking for something to do for a day? How about a visit to the famous Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown, or Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, that place has loads of exciting things to do for a day or even a weekend

Living in the Columbus, OH area has it many adventures and experiences. Downtown Columbus is filled with entertainment districts, shopping, restaurants and other many other exciting attractions. The North Arts District houses one of the best and unique collections of art galleries between New York and Chicago.  If you go south of downtown Columbus you will find the historic brewery is located and also the German Village.

In Columbus, or anywhere else for that matter, shopping doesn’t get much better than this, the Easton Town Center packages high-end stores with dining and entertainment, which includes the Saks Fifth Ave.

Cincinnati doesn’t take a back seat to any Ohio city when it comes to fun filled things to do. Like camping?  The Cowan Lake State Park which is located in the county Clinton, about an hour’s drive northeast of Cincinnati. You can choose from the 2 bedroom cottages that offer you the relaxing romantic time that you are searching for with your date. There is near 6 miles of nature trails that are perfect for fitness hikes or just a relaxing romantic stroll. You can also enjoy boating, fishing, or just relax and enjoy a scenic picnic.

How about a romantic riverboat cruise right through the heart of downtown Cincinnati? There are riverboats cruises available that offer you a chance to have a romance filled time. A quick internet search for riverboat cruises in Cincinnati will turn up several results for you to choose from. Ohio online dating and romantic getaway’s are a winning combination.

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Matchmaking Features of the Best Online Texas Dating Sites

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Are you single in Texas and looking for a date, or finding love and a lasting relationship? The best online personals dating sites are helping Texas single women and men meet!

Online dating sites are helping thousands of single men and women not only in Texas find that weekend date or love, but singles throughout the country. Some of the more popular sites have been around since the mid 80’s and 90’s and have a large database of local singles. These personals sites have also really come out with some advanced search and matchmaking tools and features to help like minded singles. Let me start off Texas singles by saying, as you can imagine, there are many online singles sites out there offering many different matchmaking types of search and matching tools, by this, I mean that some of the sites will provide you on a daily basis what they feel are your matches based on that you profile you completed, and others will equip you with some very powerful and unique search tools and let you search their database of singles by going through profiles and then determine who is a match for you.

Some Texas online dating sites offer men and women the opportunity to find their match through that dating sites own matchmaking features in which they will send you 5 free personalized matches each day for you to review the profiles. Once you complete your profile they will start sending you what they feel are the best available matches according to the profile that you completed, that is why it is so important to be completely honest when completing your profile, this helps increases your chances to find that match in that dating sites database of local singles. Some sites offer singles three distinct communities that you can choose from such as dating, relationships and intimate. Some of the sites are designed to help singles find love and lasting relationships instead of just finding that date for the weekend, by this, we mean their personality profiles have much more detailed questions and your specific likes and dislikes.

After you become a paid member, some of the larger online personals sites offer things such as a 6 months promise find someone special or receive an additional 6 month membership for free, 7 days free is another popular offer. That is why it is imperative to read the company terms and conditions prior to becoming a paid member as they often run special promotions. It does not hurt to join several sites and compare the search tools and techniques they have with their matching system. You typically don’t have to pay to join, complete a profile, review your matches or search the database, so why not join more than one!

As online dating continues to grow in popularity the innovative advanced matchmaking technology is also getting better and better with these online sites and that is helping singles find like minded singles much quicker and easier. Try online dating today and you could be on your way to finding a date for this weekend or finding love and a lasting relationship with that special someone.

/Texas-Singles-Dating.html for a complete list of Texas cities we currently offer online dating in.

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